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.the deal.

.the girl.
B-chan is a Canuck with her roots in Beautiful British Columbia. She's currently working in retail to save up enough money toward a post secondary education, as well as her Japan trip.

.the journal.
B-chan's journal is an unruly combination of fangirling, ranting, real life trials and triumphs and attempts at being funny. The journal is semi-friends only because of the personal details that are sometimes discussed, but open to anyone for friending, as long as they have something in common with B.

.the likes.
Numerous anime and manga titles, too many to count; cosplaying and the making of costumes and props; smart people who are tolerant of others, as well as they're beliefs; random moments of fangirling; reading a good book by the fire place.

.the dislikes.
Intolerant know-it-all's who bash anything that moves; being force-feed someone else's beliefs; mushy food; not having enough money to buy the latest Buffy comic; people who have no manners and are rude; flamers.

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